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Developer API Access

If you're a developer or an educator that needs to be able to access the International Space Stations current location, altitude and/or speed, but do not need to have the information rendered out to you in a map, then the ISSTracker API is what you're looking for.

Currently You can get get the data you're looking for in either JSON or CSV. A SOAP/WSDL and XML interface will be coming soon.

To get more information on how to access the API please send an email to: . I'll have you up and running in no time.

Legacy Site

I know that some people hate change, so I've decided to let the original website live on. Click on the image below to visit it now!

ISSTracker legacy

On The Horizon

  • Adjustable orbital path durations - change your range to 1/3 to 6 orbits in the past and future.
  • Historical locations - Do you think you saw the ISS the other night, but did not have an internet capable device handy. This tool will solve that problem for you. Just enter in a time going back to the very launch of the ISS in 1998 and you'll see where the ISS was at that time. Completed - Go Here
  • Sightings - Determine when the ISS will be visible from a location of your choosing.